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So you are here because you love cake, right? That feeling of biting into a big piece of chocolate cake is irreplaceable. For us cakes are like sunshine, they make us feel happy and positive. Whether the occasion is happy or you trying to brighten someone’s day, we’ve got an arsenal of sweet weapons to help you celebrate the day and create memories that would definitely be cherished a lifetime. You know ‘stressed’ spelled backwards is ‘desserts’ and you are what you eat, so why not be sugary and sweet?

For Goodness Cake began its journey under the name Choxrox in the year 2008. Choxrox was an experiment for owner Aayushi Shah, a certified baker from Sophia’s College. Aayushi has since then been skilfully managing the chocolate and dessert orders with the help of her mother and a small team of helpers.

Aayushi’s interest in baking began early as her grandmother proved to be an integral source of inspiration with her cookery skills, endowing her with the tips and tricks of the craft. This led to Aayushi lighting the flame of her entrepreneurial passion with her own exclusive and happy venture- For Goodness Cakes!

Try ‘For Goodness Cakes’ exclusive range of customized cakes for your special days. From little jar treats to cookies, whole grain muffins, soufflé’s or pounds of scrumptious chocolate or mousse cakes- we’ve got it all covered for you. From bread for daily use, to cake for special occasions we have a menu that will keep you wanting more and more of our delicacies.

Craving something sweet, we’ve got a lot of sugar and dough crafted with love to be consumed to attain those moments of infinite happiness. Place your order right away!

Know us Better